Wings "Wings" a small yet welcoming fast food restaurant located on the hot favorite road of all the foodies- MM Alam road. It was opened 2 years back but gained popularity in the recent year due to its heavy burgers and signature wings. I happened to try few of the "wings specialties” today with my mother.


After heavy shopping in the scorching sun all i wanted was an air conditioned peaceful place and yes wings did fulfilled our need. The time i opted was the hassle free time of the day which restaurant term as happy hours. There were hardly 3 tables occupied when we entered.


I ordered their rich double layered burger and honey lemon wings. Best thing about their burgers is that they are being served as a meal with fries and soft drink of our choice but yes coleslaw was missing which is usually a must with fast food. The burger was just fine. I wish I had ordered a smaller and a different flavored burger. The chicken used was a bit overcooked which was giving it a dry burnt taste. The other day I tried their R cock star- it was one of the finest burger I ever had. Worthy mentioned thing - the names of all the food items reveal some creative and innovative mind behind. The names are hilariously funny. They actually tempt one to try different stuff. Now comes the chicken wings, they tasted comparatively better. Again they were served with quite a big portion of fries. I enjoyed them the most since they were sizzling hot and had my all-time favorite sweet and sour flavor of honey and lemon. The only flaw I noticed was scrambled oil on the food dish which later on became acceptable after tasting those yummy wings.


We were served complimentary margaritas which was divine in taste and presentation.


It was quick and efficient since there was hardly any customer except us and we were their center of attention.


Its ambiance makes it quite fit place for casual friend’s get-togethers. The bikers theme might fascinate young boys but thank God the music played in the background didn’t go with the theme. So overall it is a small interesting place.


1) Welcome drinks or at least water should have been served.

2) Hygiene of washroom should be maintained and someone should keep check and balance on different things e.g dustbin was out of order.


Food : 7/10

Service : 9/10

Damage to pocket : 8/10