Los Angeles - US actress Kirstie posted a photo of herself to Twitter that shows her looking incredibly thin and fit. The image is a far cry from the way we’ve seen her in the past.

The former “Cheers” star has yo-yo’ed with her weight for years. Last year she said she had lost 50 pounds between April 2014 and January 2015, and it appears she has kept it off.

The “Look Who’s Talking” star attributes her new bod to her active lifestyle, which includes yoga, dancing and riding her bike instead of driving - “I was riding my bike around places because it was actually really fun and then [my friends] would ride their bikes with me, and it sort of became this social thing that I really liked,” she said. “I’m not gonna go in a gym.

 That’s not gonna happen.” At the time, she said she planned to make fitness an even bigger priority moving forward: “This year, I want to incorporate more exercise [into my life],” said Kirstie. “Fitness is sort of a fun goal for me this year - and finding new, different ways to work out. … I love to dance and I think if a coupe nights a week I went out to some salsa club and just danced for four hours, that would be fun.” In the mid 00’s Kirstie lost 100 pounds, but gained it back. “When I gained weight again, it was like I really let everyone down — the entire universe,” Kirstie said in January. “I let people down, so now for me and for them, I need to show that I can get back on the horse.”