Islamabad-Around 25,252 trainees are being imparted training under the Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Programme (PMYSDP) Phase-III which is expected to be completed on June 30. The training of batch-ll was started on January 2, with an objective that better earning and livelihood would abstain diversion of mindset of young generation towards negative activities.

The other aims were to create competent, motivated, entrepreneurial, adaptable, creative and well-trained workforce for local and international market and contribution towards poverty reduction, social and economic developments through facilitating demand driven, high quality technical and vocational training.

Another objective was provision of an equal access of training for women all across the country, empowering them to utilise their acquired hands-on skill to meet up their household expenditures through entrepreneurship. The disadvantaged sectors of society such as orphans, widows, unemployed, less educated, and minorities (upto 40 years) were prioritised for training courses for their economic empowerment, making them an important pillar of the economy of country.

Official sources on Sunday said that in phase-I of PMYSDP, 24,834 out of 25,000 trainees successfully completed the training. In Phase-II, again 25,000 trainees were enrolled and 24,459 trainees successfully completed the course.

In phase-III, 50,000 youth were targeted to be trained in two batches of 25,000 each.

In batch-I of phase-III, 23,671 trainees have passed out while training of 25,252 under batch-II of phase-III had started from January 2, and will complete on June 30.

Giving province-wise details, the sources said that total 72,964 youth have already completed their training in three phases. These included 3,675 from Islamabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, 36,939 from Punjab, 17,201 from Sindh, 9,719 from Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 5,359 from Balochistan.

The present government demonstrated keen interest in the empowerment of youth in the country and launched different programmes for youth under PM’s Youth Programme. PM’s Youth Training Programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Skills Development Programme was being implemented by National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC).

This programme initially focused to produce 25,000 Pakistani skilled workforce each year commensurate to meet the needs of local and international market and to enhance employability of Pakistani youth in the light of directives by the prime minister.

The sources said that training to youth both male and female during last three years has been provided in more than 100 demand-driven trades across the country.

NAVTTC was also providing training to youth in 38 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor specific trades in 197 institutes across the country.   

The commission was also planning to add Chinese Language course in phase-IV of the programme.