The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is considering a proposal to ban soft drinks in school canteens and replace them with flavoured milks and fresh juices to address the growing health problems associated with high sugar intake among children. I think it would be a great and exemplary decision by the Punjab Food Authority to save the future generation from diseases.

Modern day diseases including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, liver diseases (Hepatitis etc.), kidney diseases etc. are primarily caused by highly acidic food. Unfortunately, fast foods like carbonated drinks and colas, pizzas, burgers are being provided easily to Children on School canteens. There is no any proper set of guidelines for School canteens to make available the children with healthier options instead of junk food. Soft drinks were having adverse effects on children due to containing a variety of ingredients that can be damaging to child’s health. These are one of the leading causes of children’s stunted growth and hyperactive behaviour. The step of banning soft drinks will lead towards positive consequences.

There is a huge need to create awareness among the whole nation too about consequences of acidic food and for adaptation natural ways to remove acid build-up. This is necessary to make sure most of our nutrients are from plant-based foods. Eating alkaline foods can lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and gout. These foods will remove the acid and balance pH levels. Lemon water helps alkalize the body and remove acid from the body. Simply squeeze organic lemons into warm water and drink


Faisalabad, May 4.