I want to draw attention of the city administrator and other related authorities about the problem caused by everyday traffic jams in Karachi. The roads in Karachi everywhere have become narrow as compared to the number of vehicles running on them. The work in progress at various places is also a cause of traffic jams. The traffic usually remains jam every day. 

In the morning, there are long lines of vehicles which move slowly from Numaish to Tower, everyone looks in hurry and wants to go fast, especially the motorcyclists, rickshaws and bus drivers break traffic rules and create problems for others. Every one moves with his own will, due to this traffic mess, the students, office going people and others usually cannot reach in time. 

As we all know very well that traffic jam in Karachi has become a normal routine, especially between 5pm to 9pm on Shahrah-e-Faisal from Karsaz to Drigh Road. There is no way an ambulance can go through in which a serious patient is being taken to the hospital. 

People reach their destinations after spending several hours in traffic jam on this road. Now the construction also started on this road made very serious condition. 

I request the higher authorities and the department of traffic police for taking severe steps, so that everyone can travel with comfort and the problem of traffic jams can be handled properly. 


Karachi, May 3.