KARACHI - Awami National Party (ANP) General Sectary Younas Khan Monday said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) first 100 days agenda for transforming governance is actually a hoodwink as Imran Khan is not aware with the real problems of people and making tall claims to provide basic rights accessible to the common man.

Addressing the party workers, he commenting on Imran Khan`s first 100 days agenda, adding that Imran is living in fool paradise and being unaware with the people problems making tall claims.

Imran during his Karachi visits gave 10 point agenda for the port city, however, he only adopted a copy past act that was done with an imaginary stance. And now Imran has came up with 100 days plan to transform Pakistan which is enough to confirm the immature politics of the PTI, he added.

The leader said that according to the United Nation statics Pakistan is facing acute water shortage and is on the fifth position of the country those were facing water issues. It is right of every political party to public its manifesto before election but the PTI which ruled the KP province in last five year has miserable failed to relief the masses and still raising slogans of change, he added.

What change you have brought till now and now claiming to transform country in 100 days, question ANP leader adding the PTI chairman new formula was nothing but a hoodwink to get people votes in upcoming general elections.

Further criticizing the PTI ruling KP provincial government, Younas said that Imran led party since long staging protest for the accountability of the rulers but failed to present their party elected representatives those carried out massive corruptions during rule in KP. The KP provincial government has remained main hurdle for the accountability institutions in taking action against the corrupt elements whereas numbers of the PTI legislators were involved in massive corruption were still free despite of evidences against them, the leader added.

Terming PTI a social media party, he said that the PTI generates results only on social media and had nothing to do with the facts and reality being faced by common man.

The PTI social media team has been tasked to narrate fake stories about their chairman and leadership. this all is being done to get the premier slot but Imran Khan should remember that people were aware with the truth and they would not going to follow the forged slogans of change anymore.