In Pakistan, English is a major language to instruct and is a source of medium of conversation on international level. There is no field in Pakistan which is without from English. We can see it in education, economy, Political as well as in business also. But the student of Pakistan cannot learn English Language easily .They have many reasons for it. First is that we have not background of it. When Pakistan got from British in 1947, the leaders of Pakistan were not like the English language. So, that we have not any asset of this language in our past. Till this time, there is no emotional attachment with this Language .This is understand a foreign Language. Unfortunately, that the foreigners have not good memories and good relations in the history of Pakistan. 

Second reason is that we have not asset of this language. Those teachers who themselves are great masters in this language have prejudice against this language among his students. So students have not any emotional attachment with this language. 

Third reason is in cities students have facilities to learn this language. But they are not truly concern to learn this language. They have other activities, and they have not time. And in the villages, students have not such great facilities. They have no time to learn this language. Their most of time spend in finding their livelihood. And remaining time they spent in entertainment, eating, gossips and sleeping. So these are the reasons due to which students cannot learn English language. 

Besides all these reasons students can learn English language if they want to learn this language. With the focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening .They can easily learn English. 

With speaking skill, they can learn in this way; 

They should speak as often as they can speak. 

It’s fun to sing in English songs and sing your heart out. 

With listening they can learn in this way; 

They can listen English movies, dialogues and English news can also help but listening new is not a easy way that watching a English movie because a disk of DVD can listen repeat while news speakers once. 

With reading they can learn in this way; 

Reading of English material more and can help a lot to learn this language. Have a dictionary with them to look up new words and write down in a note book. With trying to use these words can help on great level to learn this language. 

With writing they can learn this language. 

In this process they can try keeping a diary with them and try to write something in English in it on the daily basis. In starting they can write a single sentence then make then longer. In this way they can take a review of their words and improve them easily. The great help in these days to learn this language is internet. They can easily learn this language if they use it positively. 


Vehari, may 9.