FAISALABAD - Punjab Minister for Minorities and Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sindhu said that Punjab govt had focused its attention on the provision of maximum relief to the masses in Ramazan. He said it had made elaborated arrangements for providing essential commodities at reduced prices during the holy month. He was inspecting Ramazan bazaars established at different areas of the city. He visited Ramazan Bazaar Main Sammundri Road and other bazaars located in the city.

He checked the quality and prices of fruit, vegetables and other grocery items. He also inspected the counters of sugar and flour and observed the sale process. He directed that the transparent sale of subsidised items be ensured and proper record of sale be kept in order. The minister also checked the stalls of meat and poultry. He interacted with the consumers and asked them about the benefits and arrangements. He said that consumers' trust was a success of these bazaars. He said that Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif had given billions of rupees under Ramazan Package and its benefits were being provided through regular monitoring by the administrative and govt machinery.

He expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements and directed that the best arrangements be maintained throughout the month. The minister was informed that 19 Ramazan bazaars had been set up in the district and comprehensive mechanism was being followed for the supply of essential commodities. He said fair price shops were also part of these bazaars and considerable subsidy was being provided at different items on these stalls.