BADIN - Scores of citizens staged several protest demonstrations against prolonged and unscheduled loadshedding in various parts of city at Badin Press Club on Monday.

The residents of different parts of city including Seerani Road, Shahi Bazar, Shah Latif Road, Bilawal Park, Post Office Area and others areas led the protests for immediate supply of electricity.

They shouted slogans against federal and provincial governments for their negligence and failing to take any action against the Wapda officials.

The protesters alleged that the politicians of district and the Hesco officials of not taking measures to address the issue.

The protesters demanded the Water and Power Ministry to take immediate notice of the situation and bring an end of unscheduled loadshedding and stressed that government to take strict action against those officers who do not pay heed to the complaints of the citizens.

Meanwhile, growers staged a protest against acute shortage of irrigation and potable water at Badin Press Club on Monday. The protest was led by Aslam Jamali, Soomar Chang, Abdul Samad, Rasool Bux, Naeem Jamali and others. They also held the sit-in for several hours in front of local press. The protesters chanted slogans against the authorities concerned.

While talking to media, the representatives of growers said that illegal pipes and lift machines were installed and debris of demolished bridge was causing non availability of water to the growers of Kamaro branch.

They said that the growers were sustaining huge economic loss of such in-justification and severe shortage of the water in across the district Badin.

Citizens protest against

water shortage

MIRPURKHAS: Citizens protest against acute shortage of water in their distributaries at East Jamrao Canal Bridge near Kathri on Monday.

The protesters said that irrigation officials have been selling their water share to influential landlords after receiving alleged bribe since seven months.

They blamed that they were bringing drinking water from far flung areas while cattle’s were dying without water. They said that mismanagement of irrigation officials had caused of acute shortage of water in their areas.

They blamed that without water their fertile agriculture lands changed into barren lands.