Islamabad - The failure of Quad-i-Azam University’s probe committee in resolving the institution’s administrative crises in ten days has delayed the academic bodies meetings where important decisions are taken, The Nation learned on Monday.

Sources informed The Nation that university had to conduct Advance Study and Research Board (ASRB), Syndicate and Academic Council meetings in the month of April, but all the bodies meetings have been delayed for two months because of administrative crises. An official said that it will be a difficult task for the university to hold these meetings in only the month of July.

“If the current situation prevails it will be difficult to hold the meetings in June also,” official said.

The 12 member ‘Probe committee’ headed by Joint Education Advisor Rafique Tahir was given ten days to solve the crises and rift between university faculty body Academic Staff Association (ASA) and Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr. Javed Ashraf.

“All administrative matters are being run from VC residence after declaring it camp office and it is impossible to conduct three important bodies meetings there,” official said. 

According to the sources, the meetings were scheduled to start in April which has been delayed for over a month now.

Official said that QAU Academic Council had to arrange the meeting with of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) affiliated colleges regarding launching of four years bachelors programs there after the Higher Education Commission (HEC) ended the two years programs in affiliated colleges.

“The university has to discuss and decide the future and examination program of these colleges, but they are not being called by the administration due to prevailing crisis,” said the official.

Official said that major administrative work of the university is hanging in balance because of the uncertain situation in the university, where VC Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf is not allowed to sit in his office and files are being shifted to his camp office.

“The registrar office is facing severe hurdles in running the day to day affairs including managing the daily posts,” official said.

Meanwhile, 12 members ‘Probe Committee’ will once again meet on 23, and 24 May where Academic Staff Association (ASA) will submit its reply to the committee on the answers and documents submitted by VC side,  said the official.

The official said that so far no solid evidence has been proved by ASA regarding financial and other embezzlements against VC and now the protesting body is also searching a way out from the current situation.

 “Both sides are mulling on a compromise to reach any conclusion,” said the official.

The official said that the compromising notion was tabled after the VC issued explanation letters to 22 faculty members on creating rumpus in the administration block and barring VC to assume his charge again.

“ASA has ended his camp from administration block,” said the official.

 The official said that administration provided almost every document demanded by ASA on the directions of committee head and federal ministry of education.

VC QAU Prof Dr. Javed Ashraf talking to The Nation said that committee will hold its meeting in this week and discussions are still underway.

He refused to comment on any compromise between both sides.

President ASA Dr. Aqeel Bukhari said that committee proceedings are still underway and probing the irregularities. Denying any deal or compromise to end the crises, he said that a number of issues have been discussed and hopefully committee will conclude the proceedings soon.

Secretary Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Akbar Khan Durrani said that the probe committee will resolve the issue in one week likely.

He added that though committee was tasked to solve the matter in ten days, however the duration was extended because the discussions were not completed.