LAHORE - An exhibition of photography by Israr Hussain Chishti titled ‘Safar-e-Shauq’ was held at Ejaz Art Gallery on Monday.

The exhibition was all about magnifying tiny creatures, faces and beauty of nature in Pakistan and across the globe captured by the camera of Israr.

Prominent faces from the art industry were present at the inauguration ceremony. The photography depicted landscapes, mountains, valleys, lakes, glaciers and rich culture of Pakistan.

Talking to The Nation, Israr Hussain said, “These photographs portray my recent travels to various parts of my country. Since my childhood I had passion for photography and it was my dream to exhibit my travel diaries under one roof. All I have tried with my camera is to show Pakistan at its best and represent its people and landscape in harmony which is not tarnished by chaos and disorder. Probably these photographs convey utmost sincerity of my cause to the viewer. I have exhibited around 40 photographs in the hall and each picture tells a deep story.”