With the media focus oscillating between the more titillating international ‘atrocity of day’ the Rohingya crisis has further festered where refugees from the persecuted minority fleeing a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar are suffering under further harassment. Facing forced starvation, coercion and violence, the Rohingya population has been subjected to inhuman atrocity all in the ever intangible racial claim to land.

Without the catalyst of media pressure, the collective failure of the UN members to prevent or stop the carnage has exacerbated a tragedy which was in the making for several years, building upon decades of persecution of the minority by the Buddhist majority in Rakhine state. The dismal response of the toothless UN as a world body in the face of fluctuating pressure from the International community, is as always, limited to a verbal condemnation. As is the case with any such despotic regime, be it in Occupied Kashmir, Gaza, or Rakhine, the failure of the UN Security Council and absence of a dedicated focus of the International community only emboldens the occupying regime to continue its abuses against the civilians.

Without the pressure of media scrutiny upon both Myanmar and the UN, the regime has gotten away with refusing access to the UN fact-finding mission to investigate human rights abuses and humanitarian organisations for relief and rehabilitation.

There needs to be concentrated pressure imposed on the Myanmar government, with targeted sanctions calling for immediate cessation of atrocities and abuses against Rohingya civilians and a plan for repatriation of the Rohingya refugees with international humanitarian aid support to Bangladesh.

The UN, US, Myanmar’s neighbours, allies and the larger international community needs to avidly deal with the repeated violation of human rights, with a long term reconciliation and rehabilitation plan, one that isn’t subject to being fleetingly motivated by the flavour of outrage the media has taken up.