HAFIZABAD-Kolo Road from DHQ Hospital to new Sabzi Mandi, Mangat Neecha Road leading to Head Sagar and Jagganwala Road have been in pitiable conditions due to use of substandard material, vagaries of weather and indifference of the authorities concerned.

According to a survey conducted by this correspondent, Kolo Road was constructed about a year back with millions of rupees and drains were also laid along the road to save it road during rainy season. However, local influential persons have filled in the drain with sand as a result of which sewage spills out of manhole and remained accumulated on road, causing damage to the road along with hardship and inconvenience to the pedestrians and motorists alike. The stink emanating from the accumulated dirty water is a constant nuisance to the shopkeepers particularly the Namazis (worshippers) in Masjid Sabria Sarajia. Moreover, the stagnant water also caused several ailments to the inhabitants dwelling in nearby localities. The locals have appealed to the authorities to make the drain functional and save the road from further damage.

Similarly, Jagganwala Road and Vanike-Alipur link road have also developed huge depressions and ditches and become absolutely impassable for the pedestrians and motorists.

Condition of Mangat Neecha Road linking Head Sagar has become unmotorable and numerous accidents have taken place during the past over one month but the authorities have failed to repair the road to facilitate thousands of people of more than 20 villages located on the road.

People have demanded the district administration, the department concerned and particularly the elected representatives to take pity on the residents of the areas. They regretted that the public money should taken care of and must be spend wisely to facilitate people and stop its wastage.

They also demanded stern action against the contractors who built these roads for use of substandard material and strict check and balance in the future to ensure use of quality material during construction of project of mass welfare.


While conducting surprise visit to Sasta Ramazan Bazaar in the city, Deputy Commissioner Naveed Shahzad Mirza has directed the officials concerned to ensure provision of quality commodities at subsidised rates to provide relief to people to get the blessings of Almighty Allah.

He personally checked weight and standard of different commodities particularly vegetables, dates and fruits. He also visited fair price shop established by the Market Committee and reviewed the arrangements being made by the administration of the MC regarding provision of fresh vegetables, fruits, basin, rice and other essential items. He directed the MC officials to provide all the commodities to the consumers in abundance and there should be no shortage of any commodity at the shop.