Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that the country is going through temporary economic crisis but in these testing circumstances, the government is taking crucial and reformative steps to present a credible long term solution to bring economic stability coupled with economic certainty.

He stated this while talking to Group Leader of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Gohar Ijaz who called on him at Governor House here on Wednesday. 

Ch. Sarwar said that the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan along-with his team will stand victorious by the end of this tenure. He said that Pakistan’s exports have increased because of the agreements with China and other countries.

He alleged that the flawed policies of former Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) governments worsened the economic situation and they did nothing to bring long term sustainable reforms to put the country on track instead; they relied on short term temporary measures. PTI is rectifying all those errors and is making Pakistan what Quaid and Iqbal had envisioned of it, he added. 

The Governor Punjab said that today, these parties are again trying to fool this nation but the nation now understands their hypocritical outlook. Federal and provincial governments are taking substantial steps to solve the problems of industry, he added.

He said that economic problems can be tackled with coherent efforts of government and the business community. We are glad to know the fact that Pakistani Industry and business community are co-operating with the government to overcome the economic crisis efficiently, he added.

Ch. Sarwar said that we shall collectively put concerted efforts to end economic uncertainty in the country and to dismantle the network of conspirators who cannot see Pakistan to make progress. He further said that the previous governments because of their flawed policies handed over this country to PTI in the worst economic situation.

He said, “But we timely did what was in the best interest of this nation. We made agreements with China and other friendly countries, increased our exports, reduced fiscal deficit and attracted foreign direct investment. The government is taking all essential steps to ensure the security of foreign investors which is why the confidence of investors to invest in Pakistan is being enhanced.”

The Governor Punjab also said that we believe in the integrity, honesty and hard work of PM Imran Khan and Pakistani nation will stand victorious in economic arena very soon.