KARACHI    -   Pakistan People’s Party leader and MNA Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah on Tuesday said that masses were ready to make entire country a D-Chowk – a reference towards Imran Khan’s long sit-in in Islamabad – against rising inflation in the country.

“Although people are silent due to Ramazan but crises in which the incumbent government have forced them to take to streets even in holy month,” he said adding that their efforts were not meant for de-seating the government instead bring them on the right track.

Addressing media during his visit to the Sindh Assembly, Shah said that the failed and incompetent policies of the incumbent government had led the country towards such a crisis. “Even they have admitted it after firing their top financial team,” he mentioned and added however still it was of no use and the situation is out of their control with dollar rates gone up and inflation reaching unprecedented level.

He further asked the incumbent federal government to disclose the details of IMF deal before the parliament. “In past the IMF usually recommends over budget making but this time, the incumbent government is bringing an IMF budget,” he said.

Commenting on the tensions among government ranks over joint opposition Iftar party hosted by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Shah said that he had never seen such worry among government ranks over an Iftar dinner in his political life.

“We have devised a strategy in the Iftar and if we will not raise issues faced by the common man now then people will make us accountable for it,” he said adding that the opposition could not sit silent or praise government over its failures.

He also pointed out NAB discriminations and said that accusations against PPP Sindh Assembly lawmaker Sharjeel Memon were not even half of that were levelled against PTI leader Aleem Khan but bail has been granted to the latter one while the former is still languishing in prison for over two years.

“This has exposed the links of PTI and NAB,” he said.

He further added that the incumbent government is only bent upon criticising its opponents rather than taking concrete steps to provide relief to the masses. “PPP despite facing wave of terrorism, floods and other difficulties during its federal government tenure gave rights to the masses,” he said and added that the incumbent government had shown from the first day its intent towards anti-people policies.