ISLAMABAD    -   The federal government has proposed the national developmental outlay of Rs 1.84 trillion for the fiscal year 2019-20, it was learnt reliably here Tuesday.

According to the working paper prepared by the Planning Commission which is to be discussed in the Annual Planning Coordination Committee (APCC) meeting on Thursday, a national developmental outlay of Rs 1.84 trillion for the fiscal 2019-20 has been proposed which includes the proposed federal development outlay (PSDP) of Rs 925 billion and provincial development outlay(ADP) of Rs 912 billion, official source told The Nation. The APCC will recommend the final figure for the approval of National Economic Council (NEC).

It is pertinent to mention here that in the fiscal 2018-19 the total national developmental outlay finalized by the PML(N) was Rs 2043 billion including Rs 1030 billion for PSDP and Rs 1013 billion for provincial ADPs. The proposed developmental outlay for the fiscal 2019-20 is around Rs 160 billion less than the budget allocated by the PML(N) government for the current fiscal year.

According to the source, the federal development outlay Rs 675 billion will be funded through Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and Rs 250 billion will be funded from alternative source. The provincial development outlay Annual Development Plan has been reduced by Rs 101 billion from Rs 1013 billion in current fiscal to Rs 912 billion during fiscal 2019-20.

Out of total Federal PSDP of Rs 675 billion Rs 100 billion are in block allocations while the remaining Rs 575 billion are proposed for the developmental projects and ERRA. Of the development budget of Rs 575 billion, Rs 375.1 billion will be funded from the PSDP while Rs 199.36 billion will be funded by corporations.

The block allocation includes Rs 32.5 billion for TDPs, Rs 32.5 billion for security enhancement, Rs 10 billion for PM’s Youth Skill Development initiative, Rs 2 billion for Clean Green Pakistan Movement, Rs 1 billion for Gas Infrastructure Development Cess and Rs 22 billion for merged areas 10 years development plan.

Of the Rs 370 billion for the ministries and divisions allocated for the developmental projects the major portion of Rs 84.72 billion will go to water sector.

The proposed allocation is following: Aviation division Rs 1301.505 million including the FEC of Rs 912.005 million, BOI Rs 100 million, Cabinet division Rs 38833.356 million, climate change Rs 7579.200 million, commerce division Rs 500 million, communication division other than NHA has Rs 248.308 million, defence division Rs 421 million and defence production division Rs 1700 million.

Establishment division Rs 333.256 million, Federal education and professional training Rs 6078.382 million, Finance division Rs36611.749 million with FEC Rs 1779 million and Foreign Affairs Division Rs 29.774 million.

The proposed allocation for HEC has considerably decreased from Rs 46679.950 million in 2018-19 to Rs 32.25 billion. Housing and Works Rs 3430.077 million, Human Rights division Rs 102.91 million, Industries and production Rs 1565.513 million, Information and broadcasting Rs 576.126 million and Information technology and telecom division Rs 6732.247 million which includes Rs 258.90 million FEC.

Interprovincial Coordination Division Rs 327.675 million, and Interior Division Rs 9894.76 million.

The proposed allocation for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division has been reduced to Rs 44699.400 million from Rs 51205.617 million in current fiscal. The allocations for Law and Justice is Rs 1247.225 million and Maritime Affairs Division Rs 3815.181 million.

Narcotics Control Division has Rs 135.240 allocation, National Food Security and Research Division has a proposed allocation of Rs 12168.206 million, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division allocation is Rs 13457 million which has been reduced from Rs 25034.498 million during current fiscal.

National History & Literary Heritage Division Rs 128.016 million, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Rs 24257.256 million, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Rs 301.470 million, Petroleum Division Rs 581.812 million, Planning Development and Reforms Division Rs 10640.476 million, Poverty Division Rs 200 million, Railway Division Rs 14649/053 million, Revenue Division Rs 1863.238 million, Science and Technological Research Division Rs 3025.591 million, SUPARCO Rs 6033.245 million, Textile industry Division Rs 102.828 million, Water Resource Division Rs 84721.359 million including Rs 16044  million FEC.

The corporations will utilize own resources for the funding of Rs 199.36 billion projects. The allocations for NHA projects are Rs 157.07 billion which includes Rs 56.82 billion rupee component and Rs 100.24 billion FEC.

For NTDC/PEPCO the proposed allocation is Rs 42.29 billion which includes Rs 32.18 billion while the FEC is Rs 10.11 billion. 

In the fiscal 2018-19 the allocations for corporations were Rs 237725 million.