LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Mohammad Sarwar Tuesday said that a bus convoy will start its journey from Toronto on September 15 and reach Kartarpur in 40 days to mark the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak in November.

Addressing a press conference here, Ch Sawar told the media that it was for the first time in history that a bus convoy will start its journey from Toronto [Canada] to exhibit their love for the minorities.

He was accompanied by Syed Meyo, Amir Khan from Toronto, Sardar Giyan Gobind Singh, Bishan Singh and Amjad Islam Amjad.

 This bus convoy with the name of ‘Journey to Kartarpur’ will pass through nine European countries and will take 40 days to reach Kartarpur on the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak”, he said, adding that purpose of this journey will be to tell the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country and wanted peace not only in the region but also around the globe.

He said people will welcome this bus convey from wherever it passed through.

Ch Sarwar told reporters that approximately 70pc of “Kartarpur corridor” plan had been accomplished while 1493 acres of land had been acquired for Gurdwaar Kartarpur complex. He urged the media and universities to play their role in creating awareness among people regarding religious tourism.

“We urge India to quit its anti-Pakistani policies and complete their part of the Kartarpur corridor”, he said.

Governor said that government was focusing more on Sikh religious sites to promote religious tourism. He said security arrangements regarding 550th birth celebrations of Baba Gurunanak in November were being completed rapidly.

He said the government was putting efforts to resolve the issues of Sikh yatrees pertaining to immigration, travelling and security. He said he had also met with Interior Minister Brig. Ret. Ijaz Shah and would meet Foreign Minister very soon to discuss these matters in detail.

Sarwar assured that government will take emergency steps to solve the problems of Visa and double entry visa of Sikh Pilgrimage. “If we become successful in promoting religious tourism in Pakistan it will add 4-5 billion dollars annually to Pakistani revenue”, he said, adding that Turkey was earning more than 40 Billion dollars annually from tourism. He said he believed that under the leadership of PM Imran Khan, Pakistan will make its mark in promoting its tourist industry.

Answering a question, Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar said that the opposition was not united at all. “Opposition has not come up with a joint strategy so far. That is why they are planning to agitate separately”, he remarked. Terming the opposition’ alliance unnatural, the governor said that PTI government was not afraid of any kind of agitation by the opposition. He believed that despite the current increase in inflation, the people had full confidence that PTI government would steer the country out of all crises. He said that the PTI inherited all these issues and challenges from previous governments, but ” We are determined to work day and night to put country on the road to progress and prosperity”, he said.