The generation of the 21st century doesn’t eat to live; rather, they live to eat. Human health is dependent on the diet one takes: the better the hygiene level of food, the better the health is. Yet nowadays hygiene is not taken seriously.  Every fifth person is suffering from diseases such as hepatitis and allergies.

The poorer and middle classes do not have access to proper sanitation, suitable portable water boilers for drinking and good quality vegetables. Grains are used to produce animal fat on the name of a paperback and hygiene principles are not followed. Ghee is commonly used on food items which are extremely hazardous for health. Therefore, it is necessary that we should adopt a healthy lifestyle by abandoning such food points and products so that not only the life of human beings can be ensured, but also the environment. Assisting these serious cases, Punjab Food Authority should take measures to ensure hygiene and cleanliness and increase awareness among people.


Lahore, May 20.