ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the government of Punjab to transfer Amna Imran from the post of Director General (DG) Lahore Development Authority (LDA). 

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed heard applications pertaining to the matter of separation of powers between mayor and LDA and alleged harassment to DG LDA Amna Imran by Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE). 

The top court in its January 12 order had ruled that Amna Imran be retained in her present position as DG LDA till such time that Phase-I of the LDA City Project is completed and plots are handed over to those who are legally and contractually entitled to the same.

During the course of hearing, Advocate General Punjab Ahmed Jamal Sukhera appeared before the bench and informed the bench that the top court’s directions can be executed by other equally able officer as well.

He further informed the bench that keeping in view the current exigencies, the Government of Punjab considers that the present DG LDA Amna Imran should be transferred and posted suitably elsewhere keeping in view her grade and service record.

He further stated that the provincial government undertakes to ensure that the concerns raised by the top court with respect to bringing the LDA City Project to its completion will be adhered to.

He requested the top court for clarification in the January 12 order to the effect that the said order is principle-centric and not person-centric.

He further requested to allow the government to transfer the present DG LDA Amna Imran to some other suitable post and to appoint some other suitable officer, worthy of undertaking the tasks required to be accomplished by DG LDA.

Justice Saeed asked about the completion of LDA City project. On this, the Advocate General Sukhera submitted that the project shall be executed in stipulated time.

Amna Imran contended before the bench that she is being subjected to victimization through cases by ACE adding that she is facing issues in her promotion.

Justice Saeed observed that the matter pertaining to promotion relates to federal government adding that she may approach service tribunal in case of grievance.

After the undertaking by the advocate general, the bench allowed the transfer disposed of the matter pertaining to alleged harassment to Amna Imran.