ISLAMABAD - Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik yesterday said he will expose the Indian rulers who were involved in crimes against humanity.

Speaking at a news conference here, he said: “Today I am exposing the ‘Ranga and Billa of India’ for their crimes against humanity, Ranga - the Modi and Billa - the Amit Shah.”

He said despite being infamous for their brutalities against religious minorities, mass killings and killing of their political opponents in fake encounters both crime partners are ruling the India. He said that they killed the witnesses, investigators and judges and managed acquittal so they both are in power today because of gun.

Malik appreciated the US Commission for International Religious Freedom for its call for global blacklisting of India.

He wrote: “I would like to compliment and appreciate the chair and honourable members of USCIRF for their excellent and persistent deliberations in identifying the crimes against humanity, religious violations and damaging interfaith harmony by Indian Government. However, he expressed that mere call for global blacklisting of India will not be enough but international sanctions should be imposed on India.”

He urged the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to advise the United Nations to constitute a high powered commission to investigate gross religious violence in India and place India under International sanctions until the safety of life of religious minorities is not ensured. He appreciated the chairman and members of USCIRF for its recommendation of global blacklisting of India over religious freedom violations.

In his news conference, he made public the detailed letter he had written to Chairman USCIRF in which he exposed the religious violence by India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his crime partner Amit Shah.

In his letter to Chairman USCIRF, Senator Rehman Malik writes that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was rightly titled as ‘The Butcher of Gujrat’ that remains part of the world record and his travel to USA was banned for seriously violating International Religious Freedom Act. 

Exposing unprecedented brutalities of Narednra Modi and Amit Shah, he writes “I, without going into further details, would like to reiterate that Narendra Modi did not cease his persecution of Indian Muslims and continued to brutally oppress innocent Kashmiris and other minorities after becoming Prime Minister.”

“Using the Indian Security Forces, other government organs of India including RSS, Narendra Modi further unleashed his reign of terror by introducing verifiable draconian measures to increase violations against the Muslim community in Kashmir & rest of India. The letter reads that motives behind the most recent moves of PM Narendra Modi were to further victimise religious minorities in India as per the ideology of RSS.

He said those moves included the scrapping of status of Kashmir by revoking the Article 375 and 35-A, issuance of New Domicile Law for held Kashmir to allow settlement of non-Kashmiris including RSS in Kashmir, Imposition of CAA and NRC that paves way of increased inhuman persecution of targeted minority groups, are parts of RSS ideology to. He told that peaceful protests against CAA and NRC by public were crushed through disproportionate violence and brutalities by security forces, all across India and this crime against humanity still continues.

Senator Rehman Malik observes that once again, like Gujrat, engineered genocide of Muslims in Delhi, through trained assassins of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was being carried out, while state police was ordered to deny protection to Muslims and to facilitate the RSS cadres.

He said, “The 2020 Delhi riots were multiple waves of bloodshed, property destruction, and rioting in Delhi, beginning on 23 February and caused chiefly by Hindu mobs attacking Muslims. The Delhi riots were replication of Gujrat riots when Narendra Modi was Chief Minister and Amit Shah was provincial Home Minister. The riots were actually initiated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Hindutva to pursue their ideology in Delhi also to dent the Aam Aadmi Party and its head Arvind Kejriwal. The social media is full of video clips of the cruelty exercised by RSS and no one dared to take action against them.”

Senator Malik further wrote to Chairman USCIRF, “I seek to draw your kind attention to the fact that Narendra Modi and his associates, are ruthlessly and brutally using Indian State organs to force Hindutva ideologies upon the minorities, and depriving them of their basic rights, that were guaranteed under Indian Constitution and fall under relevant UN charters.

He added: “The unabated atrocities by the RSS, against innocent Muslim majority in Kashmir, Muslims in other parts of India are morphing into a Communal Cleansing through Genocide, and exhibit the worst example of religious persecution in modern history. Kashmiri Muslims are killed, disposed of and some Muslims are still missing and they are forced to submit before Hinduism and on refusal they are threatened and violence is perpetuated against them. The Muslims Kashmiris are under Curfew for the last seven months and it is one of the most glaring religious violation by the Indian state run by the RSS.”

Senator A. Rehman Malik in his letter has given a brief details of the fake encounters carried out on the directions of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as then Chief Minister and Home Minister Gujrat respectively. 

He wrote: “Several Journalists with conscious, were courageous enough to speak out against the gross violations by Indian Government-Patronized RSS, during the engineered massacre of Muslims in Gujrat, following Godhra Train incident in 2002”.

He has also referred to well-known Indian investigative journalist Rana Ayyub, who in her book “Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up” has exposed the involvement of Amit Shah in killings of many Muslims and political opponents including murder of Mr and Mrs Sohrabuddin Shaikh, witnesses of the murder Tulsiram Prajapati and Azam Khan, murder of home minister of Gujrat Mr. Haren Panday and the judge of CBI Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya and etc.

He said that the police officer namely DG Vanzara who conducted the fake encounter and from jail he wrote a long letter to the Gujrat government in which he described Amit Shah as “Evil Influence” on Narendra Modi. 

He added that in the letter DG Banzara accused the Gujrat government of ordering the fake encounters and then deliberately ensuring that police officers remain in prison to save the own skin.  He has quoted few abstracts from her book in the letter and has urged the Chairman USCIRF to investigate and record statement of Ms. Rana Ayyub – the author of ‘Gujrat Files’ and other eye witnesses which may be made part of USCIRF Report. He said that Rana Ayyub has a lot of evidence against Amit Shah but in fear of threats to her life, she couldn’t make public.

Senator Malik in his letter further writes that pattern of violations by RSS, BJP, Indian Government of Modi clearly suggests beyond any doubt that the present Indian state under Prime Minister Modi are bent upon to increase more religious violations against Muslims forcing them either accept to be Hindu or get ready to be killed. : 

Senator Malik plead “to meet the ends of justice, I request you that, Investigative Journalist, Ms. Rana Ayyub, along with other living witness may be provided security and protection, and invited to offer their evidence and reveal the facts that led to the carnage at Gujrat, now remembered as the Muslim Massacre.”

He added that it will be in the interest of justice if the head of the Aam Aadmi Party Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is also called as a witness along with and few other victims, who suffered at the hands of RSS, to record the statements for this honourable Committee. He writes “I urge you, in the interest of humanity, and religious freedom, that a high powered Commission may be proposed by UN to investigate these violations, and to place India under International sanctions until the safety of life of Muslims and other minorities is ensured.

He said that the investigations will bring ample evidence against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah about their brutalities, cruelties against Muslim minority in India.