DADU              -          PTI central senior vice President, MPA Haleem Adil Shaikh, while speaking on NFC award, he said that NFC award amount was deposited in fake accounts in Sindh. He said that Sindh would be developed, if the NFC award would be used properly by PPP Sindh government.He was speaking with journalists during visit of government boys high school Ghraiabad where he found buffalos and other animals in all classes. PTI local leaders Sardar Ashiq Ali Zounr, Rajib Ali Shahani accompanied to the PTI senior vice president Haleem Adil Shaik.

Speaking on budget of health sector and its improvement, he said that 5.5 billion rupees were released to PPP Sindh government for improvement health sector in last 12 years. He said that PPP Sindh government had not improved health sector in last 12 years but had increased corruption and nepotism. Speaking on improvement in education sector in Sindh, he said that PPP had destroyed education system in Sindh and schools were used for animals in Sindh. He further said that in Dadu it was best example, as buildings of schools were constructed for education of children but before starting classes, they were used for animals.He told that PPP had proved that it was anti Sindh party and not a single department related with Sindh government was improved. PPP has looted all resources of people in country, he added.He said that CM Sindh was only releasing recorded video and restricted his activities till CM house. He criticized on CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah that he should pay attention on other issues of people of Sindh as he was only reading bulletins of Tvs related with coronavirus.

Central senior Vice President PTI, MPA Haleem Ail Adil Shaikh said that with amount of 2 billion rupees were spent on the construction of 400 bed hospitals of Dadu but still it was not operated. He said that it was also an example of negligence of PPP Sindh Government as Sindh government was not ready to provide health services to the people properly.He said that PPP spokesman Murtaza Wahab was demanding for more construction of buildings of the hospitals. He advised him to start the closed buildings of hospitals of Sindh like 400 bed hospital of Dadu.He explained that it was common complaint as doctors and other staff were not performing duties at Civil hospital of Dadu and medicines were not supplied to the patients while people of Dadu were worried for their treatment of their diseases.

He observed that people of Dadu were on mercy of corrupt PPP leadership and corrupt bureaucrats.

Speaking on 18 amendment, he said that PPP had taken out funeral/Janaza of 18 amendments in Sindh and in the name of 18 amendments, PPP had destroyed the government departments and looted all departments. He said that after 2010, 18 amendments came but province had not developed. He said that PPP had looted Sindh and increased corruption.

He said that during lockdown situation, the other provincial governments in Pakistan had helped their people in best way but PPP had embezzled billion rupees in the name of controlling of coronavirus in Sindh. He further said that due to wrong policies of PPP Sindh, people committed suicides due to hunger and starvation. He asked that why the Sindh Government had not delivered properly its services during outbreak of COVID-19.

It was mega corruption of Sindh Government in name of supply of ration to the poor communities. He said that billion of rupees were embezzled in Zila councils, town committees and municipal committees in name of supply of ration to the poor communities in Sindh.

He said that in compare of other countries, ratio of death was low due to coronavirus in Pakistan. He told that Swedish had not locked down in country but followed SOPs.

He added that PPP Sindh government was asking to visit Sindh and observe the development in Sindh. He said that he had come to see develop in Sindh.and that schools were turned into cattle pats was the proof of development.

He appreciated the Ehsas Kafalat program launched by federal government to distribute the 12000 rupees to each poor people. He said that distribution of amount of Ehsas Kafalat program was transparent and it reached poor people properly. He appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan to help poor people during coronavirus outbreak in country.

Later, Haleem Adil distributed 2000 PPEs in CMC Hospital Larkana

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh reached Chandka Medical College (CMC) Hospital Larkana and along with 2000 sets of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) and other medical supplies.

He distributed the PPEs and other medical supplies amongst doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. He also met with the young doctors and medical staff who had been protesting against the government for not supplying them PPEs.

Talking to media on the occasion, he said doctors and medical staff of CMCH Larkana and other government hospitals were facing a lot of troubles due to non-availability of PPEs. He said we had not come here for politics, but to meet our brave healthcare professionals and provide safety and support to them. He said previously the federal government had already supplied 250,000 PPEs and other equipment to the Sindh government. He said the federal government had also supplied 0.8 million surgical N-95 masks and of them 250000 masks had already been given to the Sindh Government.

Haleem Adil said they saluted our brave doctors and medical staff. He said doctors were our frontline soldiers in war against coronavirus. He said care and safety of doctors and medical staff was as important as safety and care of patients. He said we demanded that like other provinces risk allowance should be given to the doctors in Sindh.