“She set an example that you can be super talented, super successful, and still be a good person. That is the unique thing about Nazia. She maintained her education. She was a lawyer. She was a great role model for the youth. The only thing she couldn’t crack was her life. It was very short.”

-Zohaib Hasan

Nazia Hassan gained remarkable fame in her 1980 debut, ‘Ap Jesa Koi.’ She was termed the ‘Queen of Pop’ and is widely accredited for shaping pop music in Pakistan as it is known today, with 65 million records being sold worldwide. Her debut album ‘Disco Deewane’ went on to become the most widely sold pop album in Asia at that time. Hasan went on to receive several awards, including Pride of Performance and Filmfare Award (the youngest recipient of the award to date). She had degrees in Economics and Law from Richmond and the University of London. While she was a universally renowned singer in South Asia, she is less known for her philanthropic work, which included an active fight against narcotics, establishment of clinics in Lyari and raising funds for children in Tharparkar. Hasan’s life, however, was short. She died of lung cancer in 2000 at the age of 35. According to her brother Zohaib Hasan, she died an unhappy woman.

Nazia Hasan’s name will forever be written in the pages of history as not only a pioneer of Pakistani pop music, but also a philanthropist, who despite her unhappy life, believed in living selflessly.