LAHORE                -          Telenor Velocity, digital startup accelerator by Telenor Pakistan, has introduced its EdTech Innovation programme, forging strategic alliances with EdTech startups/scaleups, serving as a roadmap for making a rapid shift to online learning and skill development. This initiative is launched in response to closure of educational institutions and offices due to coronavirus outbreak. The ongoing crisis has impacted students across the nation, but the circumstances have also resulted in a speedy transition to online learning, and e-education has become the need of the hour. In Pakistan over 76 million people have access to the internet, however there is a gap when it comes to provision of online learning content and authentic educational platforms. In order to bridge this gap and contribute towards building a knowledge economy, Telenor Pakistan brings forth a range of digital education solutions to facilitate the continuity of learning and skill development.

The programme varies from providing curriculum and skill-based education for school, college and university students to offering additional courses including personal development modules, digital skills, and STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) with a special focus on Robotics.