The month of August usually brings happiness for the nation as it celebrates the Independence Day on August 14 and the celebrations at the gross roots level continue for around a couple of weeks, starting a week earlier and continuing for over a week later, till almost 20th. But this year unfortunately the country experienced the worst floods in the recent history as the floods besides the routine glacier met flows from the northern areas were heavily supplemented by the continuous heavy rains that resulted into unprecedented swell in the rivers which in turn spilled over their protective embankments inundating vast areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh causing widespread destruction. But Sindh being the coastal province was affected the most, as all the water had to eventually enter the Arabian Sea, as far as loss of lives and properties was concerned. The scale of death and destruction owing to the floods was enormous that it attracted the attention of the entire world the United Nations, its member countries national as well as international non-governmental organizations and they immediately responded and came to help. The nation was instantly faced with the challenge to rescue the millions of people who were living in their villages and were trapped in the high floods, the rescue phase of the disaster has been successfully completed by the government and now the new challenges that people and the government is faced with are the rehabilitation of the flood victims, reconstruction of the infrastructure- roads, irrigation, canals, etc. and assist the flood victims returning to their villages so that they could make their agricultural lands, which had been inundated and the flood water after receding, had left a thick layer of silt, cultivatable in time so that they could sow the next crop in time. Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by the flood victims the UN spokespersons Stacey Winston speaking at a press conference a few days ago had said that though the flood stuck the country over three months back over 7 million people were still away from their homes and their condition was deplorable. Hundreds of villages have been wiped out from the face of earth and over 1.9 million houses had been damaged by the floods and the total number of flood affectees, all over the country, was around 20 million. According to the UN Official the area affected by the floods was lager than the entire land mass of the United Kingdom. However, it is regrettable that while the entire world, recognizing the seriousness of the disaster is extending help sympathetically a few opportunist politicians are trying to exploit the human misery and issues being faced by the affectees to their advantage and rather than extending a helping hand to the government to minimize the problems being faced by the affectees they are criticizing the government and trying to create hurdles for the peoples government in its efforts to help the flood victims. But fortunately the people have become intelligent and they are able to see through such nefarious designs of these short sighted politicians and people recognize that their government it making all out efforts to provide all available assistance to them. The people know that if their elected govt had not timely rescued them, then relocated them to the hundreds of the relief camps, took care of them by providing food, medicines, etc at the camps and finally is making arrangements so that they could return safely to their villages. The catastrophe could have been a much larger can scale. History tells us that many countries faced much smaller disasters not only had to compromise their independence but also the human tragedy that they faced had been far more severe. Thanks God that peoples representative government was in office at time of this disaster and it countered the situation intelligently, never lost its nerves and kept the situation under control at all times. The above details have revealed that the current democratic government, keeping in view the limited financial resources available, has not only countered but has also successfully over the issues flowing out of one of the largest natural calamities that the country had faced in recent history. As far as some incidents relating to mismanagement in the and law and order situation at, the Watan Cards processing centres are concerned the people would be happy to know that the Sindh Chief Minister has already taken a serious notice of it and has ordered that all the shortcomings and faults in the Watan Cards processing mechanism be removed. He is also monitoring the issue on regular basis so that miscreants do not take advantage of loopholes and take away any part of funds that have been made available for the flood victims. As far as difficulties being faced by the victims in getting the Watan Cards are concerned or some ugly incidents occurring at the Watan Cards processing centres are concerned the govt is sorry for the hardships being faced by the poor victims, but the scale of disaster is so big and subsequently the scale of the relief and rehabilitation operations is so enormous that some smaller unpleasant incidents, unfortunately, do occur, no matter what the govt does. This is a natural calamity and government with all its abilities was making all out efforts to mitigate the sufferings of the flood victims. Though the government is doing whatever it can, this is national crisis and it is the duty of every Pakistani to show patriotism, unity and discipline and strengthen the rehabilitation process by extending whatever assistance it could to help out the flood victims so that they soon become self sustaining and play their effective role in the progress of the country. (The writer is Advisor to CM Sindh on Information & Archives)