OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern at an insurgent organizations announcement that three abducted employees of a gas company in Balochistan have been sentenced to death by a court of the insurgents and would be executed soon. HRCP has demanded that the three men must be released and rights of all citizens respected. A statement issued by the Commission stated on Monday: HRCP notes with dismay the sentencing of three abducted employees of gas company, who the insurgents say would be executed within 20 days. This marks a further deterioration in the state of affairs in the long suffering province. HRCP has repeatedly expressed its concern at the state of human rights in Balochistan and urged respect for rights from all quarters, the security forces in particular. However, HRCP reiterates unequivocally that complaints of excesses by one side to the conflict in the province do not justify the other acting in the same manner and that the insurgents indulging in tactics that they accuse the authorities of would be counterproductive. HRCP hopes that sanity will prevail and the abducted employees of the company would be released unharmed immediately and that civilians would not be punished on the pretext of siding with one side or the other. The Commission also calls upon the government to show urgency and commitment in resolving the lingering conflict in Balochistan through political means.