It pains me to say that like the past successive regimes, the present Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, too, has failed to deliver to the deprived people of Sindh province. There has grown an all pervading sense of gloom and insecurity amongst the masses in the province. More than three years are over but socioeconomic, cultural and political situation has gonefrom bad to worse in upper and lower Sindh districts The provincial government has virtually demolished every area which benefits the people. There is total failure of law and order in the upper Sindh districts. Inter-city travel for the natives has become out of question from sunset to sunrise. The home district of Chief Minister and that also of Home Minister and a few other influential political figures, Khairpur Mirs, like Shikarpur, has become the district that manufactures muggers, thieves, thugs and dacoits. Feudal lords are taking away the lands from poor farmers on which their survival depends. Tens of thousands of victims of heinous crimes have died, their souls waiting for punishment to those who deprived them of their properties, killed or maimed them. There is no development going on in the province. There are no proper hospitals. If any hospital exists, it is found without medicine and doctors. Many schools and colleges still have no teachers and lecturers. Forests are ruthlessly felled. Sindh and the Sindhis want nothing else but fundamental things, fundamental rights, fundamental infrastructure and fundamental institutions. Since the government is not listening to them then what is the difference between the past dictatorial and present elected government? However, I appeal to the President of Pakistan to direct the authorities concerned to provide proper infrastructure to the people of the province, ensure protection of life and limb and maintain law and order in upper and lower Sindh districts where life has been made miserable for all sundry. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, November 21.