The Sunday Times, a leading British daily newspaper has reported that Tehrik-e-Insaaf, Imran Khan had a meeting with American Ambassador, Cameron Munter. The third person present, according to the daily was Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence, Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha. The said report that appeared on Sunday was categorically denied by the ISPR on Monday as well as by the TI spokesman who said that no such meeting took place where three of them were present. However, he conceded that the US envoy requested a meeting with Khan that took place recently at Khans residence. Imrans arch rival, Pakistan Muslim League is already running a campaign that the former cricket captain is supported by the agencies. The PLM-N leader Ch Nisar Ali at the Faisalabad rally and Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah during a post rally press conference have alleged that ISI was providing assistance to Imran Khan. Yet another thing that is being negatively projected against Imran Khan is his knowledge about Hussain Haqqanis alleged manipulation of a memo to Mike Mullen through Mansoor Ijaz. Since according to reports Mansoor Ijaz first time mentioned the name of Haqqani on November 13 how could Imran blame him during his speech at the Oct 30 TI rally in Lahore. Another issue that is being used against Khan is his interview with Karan Thaper, host of an Indian television channel. In this interview he stated that it was part of his agenda to bring the army under his thumb and make the ISI report to him directly and he would be the boss of COAS Kayani. It was not appropriate to talk to an Indian television and touch upon such sensitive matters. It appears Imran would have to learn the tricks of the trade and would have to curtail his spontaneous style of saying what he feels. Imran must also keep in mind that there is a strong element of American hatred at the grass-root level and public is sick of strong US influence and deep penetration into our political system. He has to travel a long distance yet and such lapses may create difficulties for smooth running of his party to the general elections. There is no dearth of enemies so he has to be very careful in selection of his words failing which he will be inviting one embarrassment after another.