LAHORE Chief of PML-Zia, Ejazul Haq and Makhdom Ahmed Mehmood, President PML-Functional Punjab are expected to formally join the PML-N in next few days, The Nation has learnt reliably. The surprising development, which opens the door for unification of various factions of the Muslim League emerged when Ejazul Haq, head of his own faction of League (PML-Z), Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, President PML-F Punjab and Pir Sadar-ud-Din Rashidi, son of PML-F chief, Pir of Pagaro met with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif on Monday. On this occasion, PML-N President also contacted Pir Pagaro on telephone who told Nawaz Sharif that they would be cooperating with each other from this day on. Insiders in PML-N privy to the developments regarding the meeting confided to The Nation that Ejaz-ul-Haq and Makhdom Ahmed Mehmood are expected to make a formal announcement to join the PML-N in next few days, while talks are also underway with the high command of the PML-F. They, while terming the development as first step towards unification of Muslim Leagues further informed that the entire PML-F would be standing with PML-N in next few days. To a query about the differences with the Muslim League leaders met with Nawaz Sharif, they maintained that the above mentioned leaders of the Leagues have affirmed their unconditional support to the PML-N, saying that joining hands among the factions of the Muslim Leagues was the need of the hour to counter the crisis facing the country. Insiders also told this correspondent that talks are also on with the members of other Muslim League factions besides PML-F, while PML-N would surprise the opponents of the unification by bringing more factions to its fold. About the possibilities of Shah Mehmood Qureshis alliance with PML-N, the insiders maintained they are seeing Qureshi standing with the PML-N alongwith his colleagues. They said that party leadership would not only welcome Shah Mehmood Qureshi among PML-N ranks but also accommodate him in a meaningful position alongwith his colleagues.