ISLAMABAD -As Imran Khan advises fair play to his political rivals, the PTI chief perhaps overlooks putting his own house in order. One of his key allies, a declared bank defaulter, faces allegations of foul play in a financial scam in a superior court after a banking court gave verdict against him. Ejaz Chaudhry, one of the Vice Presidents of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), had been declared defaulter by the Bank of Punjab (BoP) upon non-payment of Rs 50 million loan. In addition, four persons have accused Chaudhry of fraudulently trying to get their combined property auctioned after having failed to return the bank loan. Chauhdry, an influential PTI stalwart, is also the party organiser in Southern Punjab as well as the member of PTI Central Executive Committee (CEC). He is the son-in-law of former chief Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Mian Tufail. The reported victims say they have sent countless applications to Imran Khan informing him about Chaudhrys alleged involvement in the aforesaid financial scam along with documentary evidences but Khan has not responded. Documents available with TheNation reveal that Ejaz Chauhdry took BoP guarantee of Rs 34 million on commercial property in Lodhran against aforesaid financial loan for his Lahore-based anti-pesticide medicine company Kissan Care Private Limited. The 48-kanal property belongs to two real brothers Ghulam Muhamamd, Sher Muhammad and their relatives Allah Ditta and Ashfaq Hussain. A mortgage deed between the property owners and BoP was signed on July 24, 2003. As per agreement, Ejaz Chauhdry was entitled to Rs 50 million loan from BoP renewable every year upon the payment of previous years loan. From 2003 to 2005, the documents suggest, Chaudhry paid Rs 50 million annually to get the loan renewed for next year. In 2006, however, Chaudhry did not pay the bank loan thus prompting the BoP to move Banking Court Lahore II for the loan recovery. Ejaz Chauhdry presented the Lodhran property for auction, on which he had got bank guarantee, against getting Rs 50 million. On April 10, 2010, the Banking Court Lahore II issued a decree for auctioning the property of Ejaz Chauhdry in Lahore including his anti-pesticide medicine company and a warehouse. The Banking Court also directed the decree holder to file particulars of the property and assets on May 10, 2010. Against courts judgement, Ejaz Chauhdry moved Lahore High Court and took stay against the auction of his property. The case is still pending. When contacted, Ejaz Chaudhry said he provided pesticides worth Rs 18 million to Lodhrans property owners and got bank guarantee against it. He claimed to have moved Banking Court against BoP. Those landowners did not make me payments they were liable to, so I moved Banking Court for the recovery of my money, he said. Chaudhry denied that Banking Court ordered auctioning his property saying, The matter is still sub judice. Court ordered me to recover my money from those people and pay it to bank. The BoP took guarantee from me so it was for me to arrange the money and pay it to bank. Chaudhry also claimed that LHC has set aside the Banking Court decree and gave verdict in his favour. Asked how come the matter is sub judice when LHC gave a final decision, Ejaz Chauhdry said, You never know, the BoP could move Apex Court. The documentary evidence suggests that LHC has only granted stay against the auction while BoP was the one to have moved against Ejaz Chaudhry and got a decree for auctioning his property. When confronted on this, Chaudhry said, Im clean and everybody knows that, this is no hidden issue. Ghulam Muhammad, one of the property owners said they (he and his companions) only trusted Ejaz because he was son-in-law of former Ameer JI Mian Tufail. We are regretting now. Once the LHC vacates the stay, Ejaz Chaudhrys nine different properties and other assets in Lahore would be put to auction. He said that the property owners did not move court against Chaudhry because BoP was already pursuing the case on the grounds that its guarantee was used on the aforesaid property.