ISLAMABAD 'Great people to fly with PIA, this is the slogan of national airlines to attract passengers but since last couple of weeks 'great people are forced to become slaves of the national airline as the passengers reportedly are waiting for hours and hours to get their domestic as well as international flights. The recent incident happened at the Benazir International Airport, Islamabad, when PIA broke all records of delaying flights. The Dubai bound flight PK-211 that was originally scheduled to leave Islamabad airport at 1:05 pm on Nov 19th left the capital at 6:30 am on Nov 20th, a new record of PIA. The 18 hours delayed flight witnessed some cruel scenes as well as some funny ones as PIA staff was playing hide and seek with passengers. The worst ever flying experience with PIA was the tough one specially for kids and women who were lying on the seats at 'international departure lounge without meals and drinks. 'We were mentally and physically tortured by PIA , a woman passenger going to Dubai with her two sons told this scribe. 'My kids were crying for the last 10 hours and I was helpless as I cant do anything but to wait, she said with tears pouring out from her eyes. Another traveller Muhammad Aftab (60) when contacted by this correspondent said that 'my age does not allow me to wait for 18 hours and I cant stand any more as the lounge was filled to the capacity and there were hardly any seats available. PIA in a dramatic flight delay played with the patience of passengers as PIA first delayed the flight for two hours, and then four hours, then again four hours and similar patches followed. At least they could have told the passengers the actual position once that the flight is delayed for 18 hours so they can go back to their homes, but there was not a single responsible person from PIA there to tell the true story and the person who was finally caught by a angry group of passengers said, that some technical fault has been found in the aircraft. Another scene witnessed during this 'record breaking flight when a 55-year-old woman lost her senses at the international departure lounge while waiting to board PK-211. This is the time when the young passengers got angry and started shouting against PIA admin. A group of 70 people blocked the gate of international departure and barred all other passengers of different airlines to proceed for their respected aircrafts. To control the situation the Airport Security Force (ASF) was called by the airport management, who first threatened the passengers for strict action but turned soft later. The pressure of the passengers finally paid off as PIA managed to arrange a aircraft which finally left to Dubai at 6: 35 am after a delay of almost 18 hours. Who is responsible for the delay and frustration caused to the innocent passengers who prefer to travel on PIA just because of love for their country. The situation become more embarrassing for both PIA as a lot of foreigners were also travelling on the same flight. A lot of passengers on board told this scribe that they will never ever travel from PIA in future as this will do no favour to the all ready fast declining fortunes of the national carrier. The Prime Minister must look into this matter and order an immediate inquiry while the responsible must be brought to justice as this is the only way to restore the confidence of the people in the national carrier.