PESHAWAR - Through a unanimously passed resolution the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Monday condemned the conspiracies being hatched by certain elements to dissolve the sitting assemblies before the tenure, warned that nobody would be allowed to do so, and vowed to compete with such forces in a democratic way. Amid a walkout by the PPP-S and PML-N lawmakers from the House that met with Speaker Kiramatullah Khan in the chair, the treasury benches comprising ANP and PPP backed by PML-Q and JUI-F, moved a condemnation resolution one by one. Taking the floor first, ANP parliamentary leader in the assembly, Bashir Ahmad Bilour on a point of order asked the Speaker to suspend rules 124 under section 240, so that he could present the condemnation resolution. Abruptly, the PPP-S parliamentary leader Sikandar Sherpao stood up and said that there is no need to table a condemnation resolution. Instead of tabling the resolution, the government should focus on resolving people problems. There is no threat to the government, Sikandar added. He alleged that the assembly meeting had been convened in hurry without talking opposition parties into confidence. Moreover, now a resolution was being moved which doesnt need at all. He said that they were democratic people and believe in true democracy, We see no threat to democracy. If there is any, the rulers will be responsible for it. He, after his brief speech walked out of the assembly along with his partys lawmakers. Thus, the Speaker suspended the rules and Bilour presented the resolution. In the meantime, opposing the condemnation resolution, the PML (N) legislators also walked out from the proceedings. Besides, the ANP, PPP, JUI-F, PML (Q) lawmakers including Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain, PPPs Senior Minister Rahim Dad Khan, Qalandar Lodhi, Nighat Orakzai, Israr Ullah Gandapur and Hafiz Akhtar Ali tabled the resolution one by one. The resolution said that certain elements were spreading a wrong impression among general public, which was condemned and mentioned that nobody would be allowed to end the current setup through any undemocratic way. The resolution further said that they were ready to scarify for protecting the democracy in the country. The resolution maintained that this assembly demanded that those who were bent upon derailing the democratic setup want to weaken state institutions. It said that the current assemblies would complete their tenure and those opposing the government must adopt a democratic and constitutional way. In the prevailing situation, any misadventure would ruin the system, therefore, it was demanded of all the democratic forces to get united to foil such nefarious designs and safeguard democratic institutions. Later, the assembly passed the resolution with majority and the Speaker adjourned the session till Thursday.