OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - PPPs Deputy Parliamentary Leader in the Punjab Assembly Shaukat Basra said on Monday that Nawaz Sharifs politics was indebted to PPP otherwise his political career had come to an end during Musharraf era. Reacting to Nawaz Sharif diatribe against Zardari-led PPP government, Shaukat Basra said, if Nawaz Sharif was in the politics again it was only because of PPP, but he had forgotten the PPP benevolence. He further said Nawaz Sharif has become unreliable after his criticism on PPP and thankless attitude towards the powers which had saved his life during Musharraf era. Basra said Ziaul Haq introduced Nawaz Sharif in politics but he avoids even offering fateha at his grave and has left out those friends, who stood by him during his exile period. He said, Nawaz Sharif ignored even those who had wiped his tears in jail and today was a friend of those, who had a big question mark on their politics credentials.