LAHORE - An important meeting of former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi with PML-N President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will be held today (Tuesday). Qureshi is going to have the second round of talks with Nawaz Sharif on the invitation of the latter. The meeting is expected to be attended by Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan, MNA Khwaja Asif, Senators Ishaq Dar and Pervaiz Rashid, according to sources. Nawaz Sharif and Qureshi had previously held a meeting after the latter resigned from the office of Foreign Minster in the wake of differences with the PPP leadership on the issue of giving diplomatic immunity to CIA Contractor Raymond Davis, who had killed two Pakistani youth in Lahore. In the meeting, a strong impression developed that Qureshi is getting closer to PML-N as the latter gave a positive indication of accepting him in the party fold. However, in the subsequent developments, no breakthrough emerged to show Qureshis clear tilt towards the PML-N until the last week development when the former foreign minister parted ways with the PPP and also quitted the membership of the National Assembly. With 40-year affiliation with the PPP in his back, Qureshi reciprocates the sentiments of a big chunk of the PPP voters and supporters, who identify themselves with the ideology of ZA Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto and averse the present PPP dispensation under President Asif Ali Zardari. After leaving the party, Qureshi slammed the present PPP leadership, saying it was not following the ideas of Bhutto. Though the impression dominates about todays meeting that it purports Qureshis joining the PML-N, the observers believe it not an immediate possibility. They say the meeting will not be held on a specific agenda but an open one including current political situation, security matter, corruption of the Zardari-led government, interim elections, and the memo issue which would provide opportunities to both sides of gauging the viewpoint of each other to finally make up the mind on either joining the party or joining hands as separate entities on the issues. The observers do not discount the PTI factor at this stage as PTI Chairman Imran Khan is also a strong aspirant to woo Qureshi in his party and in a recent interview, he sounded quite upbeat about Qureshi announcing the joining of his party on November 27. Somewhat the same wish is the PML-N in view of the political standing of Qureshi in the southern Punjab, and upper Sindh where he enjoys a large following and could be very productive for the party in the next election in addition to giving a serious dent to the PPP vote bank. Nawaz Sharif in a media interaction last week did not negate a questioner who asked whether his party has offered some key position to Qureshi in Punjab if he would announce his joining. However, it is premature to expect any big result out of today meeting as both PML-N and Qureshi have to consider the adjustment question. Qureshi says that he would announce decisions on his future political affiliation on November 27 when he is going to speak to a public gathering at Ghotki in Sindh. Reportedly, the PPP disgruntled Parliamentarians like Dr Akhtar Malik and Malik Abbas are in close contact with Qureshi while outcast of the PPP like Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and others are also eyeing Qureshi to lead them. As such, Qureshi has more than one options and his meeting today with the PML-N will be informal wherein PMLN may make some offers for the consideration of the former foreign minister.