ORAKZAI AGENCY - Despite the lapse of two years, not a single government-run school has so for been rebuilt in Lower Orakzai Agency, as a total of 92 schools have been bombed by militants, depriving thousands of students of education. Sources said a total of 9872 students have been studying in these 92 schools, adding that they have been badly affected by the ongoing militancy. To cope with the situation and restore government writ, the government carried out an operation and eliminated militants in 2009. However, despite the lapse of two years of the restoration of government writ in Feroz Khel, Utman Khel, Said Khel Kili, Anjani, Merobak, Toti Bagh, Sultanzai and other areas, no government-run school was rebuilt so far. Currently, a total of 9872 students from lower tehsil of the agency have not been going to their schools just because of having been bombed, and being well aware of the situation, the authorities have to take any notice yet. Sources said despite the fact that two international donor agencies have started schooling of the students at tent schools, but not in all the areas. They said it was a fact the donor agencies have also been given a huge amount to the Fata Secretariat for rebuilding of the damaged schools, but there is nothing in practical, which is a big question mark. They said the government did become tried by making tall claims that it was trying its level best to increase literacy rate in the country in general and Fata in particular, but it could be witnessed. Militants destroyed 92 schools with explosive material, depriving thousands of local children from their right to education. The militancy has badly affected the children. Though the government has announced rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the extremists in their terrorist activities, the educational institutes could not be rebuilt.