A lot of criticism has been shown by a US Republican recently on Pakistan. Former Governor Mitt Romney has said that Pakistan has many multiple centres of power but relatively weak civilian leadership. Only the military and its agencies are powerful. Romney is ranked as a strong candidate to defeat President Barack Obama in November 2012. Texas Governor Perry says Pakistan does not deserve US aid. He doubts Pakistans honesty while dealing with US. Others have shown suspicion if Pakistan is their friend or foe. Some have spoken that Pakistan is a stronger country militarily and is a nuclear power. Do not take it lightly. However, there are many weaknesses which are being pointed from the direction of US, except for the strength of our military. Many a time they have called our civilian government as the weakest link. At home, Imran is said to pledge to rein in Army and ISI. Imran is going to sort out our strength while forgetting about the weakest link of civil leadership. A Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, November 18.