ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court was moved on Monday seeking formation of a high-level commission to investigate the matter of memorandum written to the US administration and fix responsibility for damaging the sovereignty of the country. The petition was filed by Tariq Asad Advocate under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution making the Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Chief of Army Staff, DG Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Hussain Haqqani, Ambassador of Pakistan in US as respondents. The petitioner requested the court to direct the federal government to hold inquiry against Haqqani and those involved in the scandal. The petitioner prayed the court to order termination of Hussain Haqqanis service, if it is proved that he is doing the acts and deeds prejudicial to the integrity, security and sovereignty of Pakistan on the behest of President Asif Ali Zardari, and try for high treason all those who are involved in the scandal. He further prayed the court to direct the respondents to restrict the movements of Americans and all diplomats within the diplomatic areas. He questioned as to whether the memorandum written to the US administration to offer external intervention in the state is not against the sovereignty of Pakistan and whether it does not tantamount to high treason. Whether it is not against law and prejudicial to the security of Pakistan to conspire against ISI and the Army of Pakistan by an ambassador of Pakistan in US, the petitioner further questioned. He stated that the memo, being discussed today, was written during the same period in May, 2011 to conspire against the Army, ISI and the sovereignty of Pakistan for their personal objectives. It is transpired that the Executive/rulers had done some secret deal on the integrity, security and sovereignty of the country in lieu of millions and billions of dollars which the rulers are accumulating in the foreign banks, the petitioner submitted. He said that Pakistan is no more an independent state now as the PPP that is the pioneer of NRO and its contemporaries is looting the public treasury with both hands and now to protect its rule, the US government has been offered to purchase the sovereignty of Pakistan in lieu of their arms and objectives to prolong their rule. He said that in the present case the people at large and the political parties have condemned the memo and demanded a judicial inquiry to get access to the information of real facts of the conspiracy, thus a high level commission should be constituted to probe into the matter in order to fix the responsibility for the violation of the sovereignty of the state. Later, Farahnaz Isfahani, the wife Haqqani, announced that legal action will be initiated in the Mansoor Ijazs memo scandal. Talking to media persons at the Supreme Court premises, Isfahani alleged that Mansoor Ijaz was working against the democratic process in Pakistan and asked him to come forward and disclose the factual position. She said that she was ready to cooperate in the forensic investigation of Hussain Haqqanis blackberry phone and computer record. We are not among those who flee in fear, she said, adding that the party leadership would decide in the memo case. She said PPP was ready to hold inquiry to bring the facts on the ground. She said that Haqqani was scheduled to meet President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and other officials today.