LAHORE A group of politicians, calling themselves the 'clean men and currently rallied behind PML-F leader, Jehangir Khan Tareen, are facing divisions among the group regarding joining Imran Khan after the PTI high command has refused an alliance with Tareen and his colleagues, The Nation has learnt. Sources in Tareen group mainly comprising PML-F and dissident leaders of PML-Q told this scribe on Monday that some of the members of the group after refusal of PTI were of the view that they should review their political options, as they could succeed in making some clout among a popular party only by joining it as an alliance partner. They said that joining any popular force as individuals has of no political importance and they even fail to get the party ticket, the force they decide to join in individual capacity. Jehangir Khan Tareen who claims the support of some disgruntled leaders of various factions of the Muslim Leagues, which were part of former Pervez Musharraf regime tried to strike a deal with PTI by forging an alliance with Imran Khans party. However, the central Executive Committee of the PTI has turned down the alliance offer and extended an invitation to Tareen and his associates to join the PTI in their individual capacity and not as a group. Sources quoting some leaders of the Tareen group stated that they should deliberate over forming an alliance with Shah Mehmood Qureshis camp or extending an offer to Qureshi to form a joint group comprising notable political figures of South Punjab. They said that the proposal has been considered as a viable option if the PTI would not change their policy and forge an alliance with them. However, they were of the opinion that any final decision regarding striking a deal with Qureshi should be initiated after the outcome of Qureshis meeting with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif. Omar Cheema, central Secretary Information PTI, when asked said that partys central Executive Committee has spelled out a policy that it would not forge alliance with any group at this stage. To a specific query of Tareen group, he said that no new contact has been made from Tareen and his colleagues, adding, that PTIs offer was still open to join Imran Khan without conditionalising it with a group. When contacted, Ishaq Khaqwani, one of the important member of the Tareen clan neither denied nor confirmed the information of this reporter. Khaqwani, however, said that he and other colleagues associated with Tareen group would hold meetings soon to devise a strategy regarding their political action, as all the friends have different opinions and options over the issue of alliance. To another query about his political affiliation, he said, 'I am no more a part of the PML-Q, as I left t he party the day it joined the coalition of the PPP.