Ambassador Hussain Haqqani has held meetings with President Zardari and given his side of the story and even handed over his Blackberry. A new twist came in the story with the revelation of formal US National Security Advisor General James Jones who also admitted to having received the memo from Mansoor Ejaz and handing it over to Admiral Mullen. Reportedly President Zardari has given Mr Haqqani a chance to meet with a panel of military and civilian top brass, including the Prime Minister. The Ambassador has reportedly told the President that he had no hand in the entire episode, and his wife and media advisor to the President Farahnaz Isphani stated that they are ready to go to move court against these accusations. She even stated that her husband would surrender his laptop for forensic examination. On the other side of the spectrum, Defence Minster Ahmed Mukhtars statement that if the memo story turns out to be true, it should be the Prime Minister and not the President who should be held responsible, is important. The reason that he gave was that Mr Haqqani was part of the Prime Ministers team. One wonders what could be the motive behind this rather strange statement. Is he trying to give the impression that the President has immunity? However the matter is not that easy, it seems. The entire issue directly concerns our sovereignty and it is important that the mystery should be unveiled, facts told to the public and the culprits taken to task. It makes ones hair stand on end to read the contents of the memo. The text of the conversation between Mr Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz published by a national daily may hold a vital clue to the entire puzzle. If it turns out to be true it can unravel the whole conspiracy. Now after the admission of General James also, that it was indeed Mansoor Ijaz who gave him the memo, yet another piece of the puzzle has been joined and the picture emerging is quite alarming. Our national security, sovereignty and the future of the civilian government is at stake. If the truth is not found out within the next few days, a serious jolt will be dealt to civil-military relations, further increasing the trust deficit and will ultimately destabalise a democratically elected government. Indeed with the conspiracy taking new turns and twists, and everyone jumping into the fray, one cannot help but recall an old adage we all are crooks when found out.