Successive governments, elected or unelected, have by their failures in all major filed of administration landed Pakistan into the perpetual state of crisis we find ourselves in. Taking only one example, the primary responsibility of a government is to collect taxes from every citizen without any discrimination but in truth we are witnessing a state that is patronizing a culture of tax evasion, protecting the violators. This is precisely the reason why in developed countries punishment for tax evasion and conspiring with foreign powers to harm national interests, or compromising state sovereignty, is more harsh even that the punishment for murder.

A state that hesitates to provide welfare, health, education and security to its citizens is a state likely to collapse from within. While Pakistan faces a serious economic collapse, it is shocking that no action has been taken to stop institutionalized corruption and organized flight of capital from this country, even after Governor State Bank of Pakistan has publicly stated that US$ 25 Million is being smuggled daily in personal baggage of individuals through major international airports of this country.

On the other hand, addressing the sectarian issue we must remember that the Imams of Mosques in Arab and other Muslim countries are restricted to read the government approved text, using loudspeakers on Friday and other occasions, our state has failed to enforce any regulation even in these critical times, leading to rise in sectarian disturbances and extremism. Where is the state and where are its laws?


Lahore, November 20.