The rise of private schools has filled the gap left by non-existence of government schools but it has grown into a giant which is out of control. It is commonly observed that teachers are exploited in these private schools and in many cases they do not even get the minimum wage and lack any job security. Many are forced to leave their jobs for trivial reasons. The mushroom growth of private schools, without any regulatory framework and any proper authority to check their affairs, is putting at risk the future of our young generation. Another sad aspect is that teachers are under pressure to produce stunning results. Some school managements force the teachers to produce outstanding results.

Teachers are lenient with students in tests and it is a common practice that at times, the schools are intent upon coming up with hundred percent results. Students are handed result cards with maximum marks and everyone even their parents think they have done a commendable job, hence that is how these schools do their business.

Thos teachers who are honest are often shown the door because they are thought of as a danger to the school’s reputation, which comes from hundred percent results.

Examinations are meant to test the performance as well as abilities of students during an academic year but if schools start resorting to unfair means to show good results, then what is the purpose of having any kind of exams? Another important reason for which some of the teachers resign is the continuing practice of corporal punishment in these schools. Despite the claims made by the government, the practice of giving physical punishment continues in private schools and there is nobody to stop teachers from beating up the students, such as caning and slapping.

Students come to schools to learn and build their character and to learn good values. It is a matter of grave concern that the students are still subjected to inhumane treatment which will psychologically scar them forever. It is high time the authorities took serious steps to improve and regularize these private schools which are now mushrooming virtually everywhere.


Islamabad, November 19.