The Baloch have decide to march to Karachi in search of their loved ones. There has not been much progress in finding the missing persons in Balochistan even after the intervention of the CJ. This group has decided to take matter into their own hands by marching to Karachi, covering rough terrain and bad weather. The group consists of women and children along with men, clutching pictures of their missing loved ones; they will be travelling on foot the 750 kilometers distance from Quetta to Karachi.

They will reach Karachi on November 21, after covering 750 kilometers. The protestors will then start a hunger strike in front of the Karachi Press Club. The Baloch has been protesting for the last three years with no results except for further persecution.

This walk is a representation of the brave sons and daughters of this province. The long march has finally attracted the attention of some media houses; however, the coverage is not sufficient in face of the intensity of the issue. The provincial government of Sindh should make some arrangements for the arrival of this bedraggled and crippled group and provide them all the help they need. Media should be more focused on such stories of untold suffering than the plight of Gen Musharraf!


Turbat, November 19.