The documentary, ‘Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars’ by Robert Greenwald’ revolves around the impact of the drone attacks. As the screen flickered with disturbing images of bodies strewn by the attack it spoke volumes of the trauma that the people in the areas of Waziristan faced. The attacks which were supposed to kill the militants did not find its mark and more than often ended up taking the lives of innocents. Reportedly, more than 300 children have been killed in these attacks.

Between interviewing a drone operator, the documentary cut to scenes showing the despair of the families living in constant terror of being killed. The operator admitted to the fact that despite all the technological assets there is room for error and narrated an incident where he accidentally killed a child and now would shoulder that burden for the rest of his life. It is tragic to see that the drones have affected people at both ends but despite this there seems to be no end.

The public is unaware of the truth, that the people dying in these attacks are not militants but mostly innocent civilians who have nothing to do with terrorists. What is more it enrages the people who have been victims to these attacks to listen to the radio falsely reporting, as terrorists being killed.

Even if the drone attacks stop, the trauma of these attacks runs too deep, people have lost loved ones, and are scarred for life, but there remains a hope that if these attacks are stopped then some degree of normalcy would return to the lives of these people.


Lahore, November 13.