LAHORE - Uzi Sezer, president of prominent Turk company ENTA, called on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday and expressed his interest in setting up project of potable water in Punjab. The ENTA president said that his company was interested in setting up a drinking water project in Punjab, detailing one water filtration plant could fulfil the needs of 15 to 20 villages. Welcoming the Turk company’s cooperation in this regard, the chief minister told Uzi that his government had made comprehensive planning for the supply of drinking water to the citizens.

“A pilot project of five water filtration plants will be started in Punjab with the cooperation of Turk company and it will be completed expeditiously,” Shahbaz Sharif said, adding that the Punjab government would set up water filtration plants with its own resources under the pilot project. The chief minister further directed the concerned authorities to complete the pilot project within the stipulated period at any cost.

Shahbaz felicitates Shami: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami on his election as President and Jabbar Khattak as Secretary General of Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE). Congratulating newly elected office-bearers of the body, the chief minister hoped that they would continue to play positive role for a better working relationship between the government and media.