Islamabad - There are 300 autistic children in Islamabad and due to lack of facilities their parents are unable to send them for treatment and education; therefore, keeping the demand of the parents in mind, an autism centre would be inaugurated next week at National Special Education Centre as a pilot project. Barrister Usman Ibrahim, state minister for capital administration & development division, said this on Friday while celebrating Universal Children Day with special children at National Special Education Centre for Mentally Retarded Children.

The minister requested the parents and other philanthropists to make this project a success through their support and donations. He also promised to provide buses and other facilities asked by the principal of the National Special Education Centre for Mentally Retarded Children. “All children are equal and they are our future. On this universal children day let’s pledge to make our children smile and work for those children who need our support the most. We all should work for the welfare of the children and give special attention to those children who have some special needs,” said the minister.

He admired the efforts of teachers and staff of the National Special Education Centre for arranging such an amazing event. “I am quite overwhelmed and amazed to see these special children performing here with such confidence, they are no less than normal children in my view,” emphasised the minister.  He said, “Such children should not be called mentally retarded as I have seen many of them leading their lives like any other normal human being; in fact they are better than many human beings. Therefore they should be called children with special needs and it’s our responsibility to make them a part of mainstream schools and institutions.”