MULTAN- Speakers at a seminar stressed upon the citizens to gain awareness on Ebola Virus and share it with the society to prevent its attack. The seminar was chaired by the vice chancellor (VC) of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Dr Muhammad Ashraf. Speaking on this occasion, the VC said that it was the responsibility of literate members of the society like university teachers and students to spread information on Ebola Virus and inform health authorities forthwith if the symptoms of Ebola fever were seen in any person.

Speaking on this occasion, Focal Person of Disease Early Warning System Dr Ataur Rehman said that 14,098 cases of Ebola fever were so far reported across the world and 5,160 patients had died. He added that the major symptoms of Ebola attack included vomiting, pain in joints, high fever and flu. Citing the example of USA where Ebola fever cases have been report, he warned that adopting precautionary measures was very important to prevent Ebola attack. He told the participants of the seminar that a ward in Services Hospital Lahore had been allocated for the treatment of Ebola fever while an air ambulance was also being arranged.