ISLAMABAD- Maulana Fazlur Rehman JUI-F chief has said oil will not extinguish fire in the country.

“Sprinkling oil on fire would not extinguish it in the country. Every day media reports flash that so many terrorists have been killed. The terrorists do not exist in such number as we are told to have been killed,” he said this while addressing a tribal jirga today.

Providing peace to humanity is first and foremost demand of religion, he said adding the concept of freedom is diluting today and we are heading towards slavery of the world powers.

Administering justice to people is obligation of the state, he said. “We want state realizes this responsibility, he remarked.

People were rendered homeless in Khyber Agency and no home has been provided to them so far, he held. IDPs are facing problems, he said adding peace be ensured for tribes, he stated. Tribal Jirga be devolved powers in this regard, he demanded.

The tribesmen of South Waziristan are of the opinion that level of peace at Wana is far greater than in Islamabad. But such steps are being taken therein that situation prevailing in North Waziristan can emerge therein in coming days, he warned.

He went on to say that unluckily people of Waziristan were displaced on one side and on other side flashing floods played havoc in Punjab. On one hand parliament and democracy had to fight war for their survival in Islamabad, he observed.

Relief goods were dispatched from other parts of the country to the areas where the calamity hit; he said adding that on the other hand no party in the country could focus on it when the tribes needed help.