The school head teacher is the key change agent to ensure that changes are introduced and sustained. These views were expressed by In-charge government Cluster Training centre Noorpur Thal Dr Malik Munir Hussain Kallu while addressing a meeting of head teachers at his office here.

District Teacher Educator (DTE) Hafiz Abdul Latif was also present on the occasion. “Head teacher plays a vital role in administrative and educational changes who is also responsible to identify the needs of students and teachers and equip them with best solutions to provide personalized education to students and to enhance over all teaching skills of staff” he added.

According to Malik Munir Hussain, head teacher has an important role in the development of a school. He can influence decisions, formulate goals and sure that decisions are implemented. There are a number of responsibility areas of head teacher, mostly head teacher deals with administrative matters but there is crucial need to realize academic role of a head teacher. Dr Munir further sad that to provide support and help to teacher , directorate of staff development has developed daily lesson plans in English, Mathematics and Science. These lesson plans cover whole curriculum of Mathematics, Science and English and contain daily lesson plans on all student learning outcomes, which facilitate the teacher to perform their duties and support for affective learning. He said that these curriculum based teacher guides will make the lives of teachers considerably easy. Here the head teacher can play his academic role and ensure the implementation of the lesson plans in daily teaching and learning. During the meeting, head teachers informed the CTSC In-charge, about the problems their respective school confronted with.