ISLAMABAD - In order to restrict entry of ‘unwanted’ elements and maintain peace in the Red Zone, the President is likely to promulgate “Establishment of High Security Zone, 2014” Ordinance in a day or so, highly reliable sources told The Nation Friday.

The sources said that the prime minister has approved the ordinance and President is likely to promulgate the same in a day or two.

“The President is likely to promulgate the ordinance before November 25, the cut-off date set by the city administration to remove the PTI’s ongoing sit-in from the Red Zone”, the sources said.

Earlier, the ministry of interior had solicited approval of the Prime Minister for the draft presidential ordinance aimed at establishing and regularizing the High Security Zone (HSZ) in Islamabad under which people would be prohibited to hold protest rallies and sit-ins in the sensitive zone. The government is busy in formulating a strategy to deal with the PTI protesters on November 30 and the ordinance is part of the same strategy.

According to the sources, the ICT Administration had also added two new clauses in the proposed ordinance to give more powers to law enforcers on duty in the Red Zone and legalize placing barricades on the roads and streets. Through the two newly added clauses, the law enforcement agencies operating in the HSZ have been further empowered.

Through what looks a PTI sit-in-specific piece of legislation, the government will give legal cover to the ‘sanctity’ of the Red Zone and certain acts over there as use of force against LEAs, using innocent females and children as human shield and illegal entry into the key installations will be punishable with imprisonment of 10 years maximum and fine up to Rs 5 lakh.