I would like to direct your attention towards a pressing issue of national importance. It’s no obscure hidden fact that PTI chairman Imran Khan and Reham Khan have parted ways recently. They entered wedlock on January 8, 2015 but mutually agreed on divorce due to personal issues. The news of Imran Khan and Reham Khan's divorce is much exploited by the media and public though the PTI chairman requested everyone to respect his privacy.

A number of notable personals including politicians and celebrities have had a history of failed marriages. In Pakistan hardly anyone would not know about marital history of Shahbaz Sharif and Mustafa Khar or the fact that renown tennis player Aisam ul Haq has been formally divorced. But these details were never made talk of the town.

On the other hand perhaps the status of Imran Khan as a party leader is the triggering element for opposition to debate vehemently and ferociously on his personal life. But everyone should realize that the private issues of a leader will have no effect on his political strategies rather than causing just a temporary setback. These public figures do attract the public attention but that does not necessarily mean that they should be given undue attention.

In my opinion even if the Public is biased the media should play a neutral role in reporting events. Whatever may be the reason everyone should at least have common decency to let some ones personal issues be personal. As media is a representative of the socio-political situation of a country therefore it should project a more positive image of a nation. So, media should report the matters of National importance rather than indulging in private lives of politicians.

Zahra Rafique Bangash,

Islamabad, November 20.