Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-1898) was a great visionary statesman, Muslim scholar, philosopher, social activist, educator, jurist, author and a Muslim reformer of the 19th century, the like of whom is rare. He wanted to make the community and country progressive and take them forward on modern lines. His supreme interest was intellectual development of the people through modern education. He was the first Indian Muslim to contribute to the intellectual and institutional foundation of Muslim modernization in Southern Asia. The Interest of people was dearer to him rather than anything else.

Had he been alive today he would have been disappointed with Pakistan’s progress in science and technological fields. Due to negligence and faulty vision of planners in successive governments, the science and technology sector was never given the status required to effectively use it as a contributor to national and economic growth. Due to meagre funding provided by the government, our R&D institutions could not produce any valuable research. Lack of proper facilities and environment for research in the universities and research institutes led to deterioration in the standard of higher education to the extent that today our universities have been relegated to the status of low-level colleges in which valuable university-economy links are totally missing. The current government is making advances and prioritizing progress in the field and time will tell if it produces any tangible results.